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The Professional Experience Program is for candidates who have recently graduated from a Master’s program, are transitioning from another sector or are currently, or soon to be, enrolled in a Master’s program.

The purpose of Edge’s Professional Experience Program is to provide participants with:

  • The chance to experience an organisation that lives its values
  • Participation in an innovative team at the forefront of sustainability
  • A ‘foot-in-the-door’ to the competitive sustainability and consulting market
  • Development of professional and career skills
  • Insight to working in a smaller-sized organisation

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Program Pathways

There are three pathways within the Professional Experience Program:

  • The Work Experience pathway is for candidates currently enrolled in a Master’s program who will undertake work experience with Edge for university credit. Participants in the Work Experience pathway will have the opportunity to work on and help drive projects in our Innovation Pipeline that align to each participant’s skillset and interests. This is Edge’s preferred pathway within the Professional Experience Program.
  • The Project Experience pathway is for candidates who have recently graduated from a Master’s Program or transitioned from another sector and are looking to gain experience in sustainability. Participants in the Project Experience pathway will become part of the project team and aid in the delivery of client projects.
  • The Independent Research pathway is for candidates currently enrolled in a Post-graduate program who are interested in undertaking independent research (e.g. thesis, honours project) co-supervised by Edge and their university program.

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Candidate Attributes

All Professional Experience Program participants should be:

  • Completed a Bachelor Degree and currently pursuing, or completed, a Masters level degree (or higher)
  • Committed to the Edge corporate values and mission of building a sustainable, profitable business based on leadership, environmental protection, integrity, and objectivity, scientific rigor balanced with pragmatism, timeliness, respect, customer focus and fun
  • Passion and interest in sustainability, even if it is not a core competency
  • Interest in problem-solving, research and/or modelling
  • Openness to learning, flexible, self-motivated and able to work with minimal supervision
  • Proficient in MS Office, especially in Excel as it is often highly useful in our work
  • Be an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or have working rights within Australia consistent with the hours required by the position
  • Be available for, and commit to, the full period of the advertised position

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The program runs once a year, between August and November with applications for participants typically closing in  July.

Please see below for our most recent calls for applications.


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