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Circular Economy Design

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In a rapidly evolving space, legislative change, technology innovation and consumer preference are all vital to decision making. Adopting well-considered system thinking is an important and visible way to ensure congruence in your brand and best manage the environmental impact of doing business.  

In our world we see only resources, not wastes, and less waste from your business means more on your bottom line. Our strong focus on life cycle thinking can help you:

  • Integrate circular economy considerations at all stages of design
  • Develop a system level approach to best manage resource flows across your business, consumers, tenants or network
  • Quantify environmental and social impacts
  • Plan for and work toward zero waste targets
  • Redress persistent waste problems with an eye to the systemic considerations and implementable changes
  • Develop and manage product stewardship to align with your brand

Edge is a native leader in the circular economy, the principles of which are embodied in the life cycle thinking approach that underpins our approach. As we see businesses embracing circular economy principles, we have developed practical projects in designing, avoiding, reusing and recycling with many of our clients so that they better manage their businesses through the lens of sustainability. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]Our offering

  • Strategy design
  • Product/organisational circularity assessment
  • Behavioural change workshops
  • Environmental impact quantification
  • Product/Service system redesign
  • Low waste solutions co-creation
  • Zero waste roadmaps

Blake Lindley

Senior Consultant


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